We Are Fighting For The Future Of Black America
For The American Economy & America Itself.
Unleash Black America’s Infinite Value & Potential.

“When it comes to racial and economic justice in America, Tulsa is ground zero — not only for the problems of the past, but also for the solutions of the future.”

- Randolph F. Wiggins, Managing Director of Build In Tulsa

Who we are

A scalable, replicable tech-forward business and entrepreneurship ecosystem to catalyze the creation of generational Black wealth


Attract high-growth Black entrepreneurs to Tulsa


$1M+ in Funding Opportunities for Each Venture


Business Headquarters Dedicated to Black Entrepreneurs


Provide Black Entrepreneurs with Education Resources


Provide access to a network of experienced experts


Nationwide Network of Best-in-Class Partners and Accelerators

$5 Trillion

Projected growth of U.S. GDP by closing gaps in Black entrepreneur funding in the next 5 years: $5 Trillion

Source: Citi Group Study, Published 2021

Who We Serve

Build in Tulsa has assembled a best-in-class network of partners to support Black entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, providing the resources and support needed for success.

Meet Edna Martinson, moved to Tulsa from Kansas City
Co-founder of Boddle Learning, Tulsa-based venture backed company

Black Entrepreneurs

Black Entrepreneurs across America who have been historically disenfranchised from financial and social capital to grow their businesses

Local Black Tulsans

Local Black Tulsans who are seeking to harness technology and entrepreneurship as a path towards wealth creation

Future Generations

Future generations of Black Americans who don’t see themselves reflected in the tech and innovation sectors

All Americans

All Americans  who stand to benefit from the addition of $5 trillion in GDP to the American economy over the next 5 years as access to capital and resources are granted to Black entrepreneurs

Program Journey

How We Serve


Tailored resources, mentorship and support for businesses and entrepreneurs


Access to three accelerators with a myriad of funding and grant opportunities.


Opportunity for follow-on funding- $1 Million for companies building in Tulsa


A network of world-class business leaders and corporate partners to drive scale


Special thanks to local Tulsa entrepreneur, Trey Thaxton, and his team at Goldmill for video usage

Our Funding Partners

Local and National Partners

Best-in-class partners supporting entrepreneurs at every level and stage.