Female Founders Pitch Night August 2024

August 1, 2024 5:30 PM
Historic Big 10 Ballroom - 1624 E. Apache, Tulsa, OK 74106

Join us at the Female Founder Pitch Night!

Leading up to this event, eight female-led teams gained valuable insights on pitching their business models, establishing connections with investors and Tulsa's innovation ecosystem, delivering impactful presentations, and building confidence.

The Female Founders Pitch competition, powered by Build in Tulsa, is here to support female-founded tech-enabled startups in Tulsa, OK. We aim to help these startups launch new ideas or boost existing ones into the marketplace.

The pitch competition will showcase a diverse range of innovative solutions aimed at transforming various sectors. Attendees can anticipate presentations on platforms designed to empower career transitions for educators, AI-driven solutions to support individuals with chronic illness, and technology streamlining professional credentialing. Additionally, we expect groundbreaking advancements in e-commerce, particularly in personalized shopping experiences, and initiatives focused on promoting diversity and inclusivity in the marketplace and expanding access to healthcare for underserved populations.


  • 1st Place: $20,000.00
  • 2nd Place: $10,000.00
  • 3rd Place: $5,000.00
  • Audience Vote: $1,000.00

Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of an event that celebrates and empowers female founders in the tech industry!

Meet the Founders:

Join the Movement:

The mission of Build In Tulsa is to close the racial wealth gap in America by catalyzing the creation of multi-generational Black wealth through technology and entrepreneurship. Rooted in the legacy of Black Wall Street, Build In Tulsa is dedicated to providing opportunities for minority entrepreneurs who have historically been denied resources and funding. Our commitment is expressed through various programs and initiatives aimed at equitably distributing knowledge, breaking down barriers, and building a supportive community for Black entrepreneurs.

You can learn more by visiting our website at https://www.buildintulsa.com/

[You can RSVP for the Livestream here]


Desiree Lindsey
“My time in the residence has been absolutely amazing! I was fortunate enough to receive this opportunity after being back in Tulsa for only a month. The community and resources that Build in Tulsa has provided have pushed me beyond what I ever imagined for my first few months back home. The staff is full of knowledge and they do everything in their power to connect you with mentors and like minded individuals that are outside of Build in Tulsa. Everyone in this environment truly wants to see you be successful and to see the other residents working just as hard to grow and learn is so motivating.”
Tim Butler
“I consider my time in residence to be "God-sent." Before coming to 36N Basecamp II, I used to work from home. Having small children along with personal family/life demands, I found it difficult often to work without distractions or hindrances. On the contrary, now being in an atmosphere with like-minded people (my fellow BIT EIRs and other entrepreneurs), I find that issue has waned. I feel motivated and inspired to come into 36N to work on my business. I feel that I learn something new and forge new connections and relationships everyday! I look forward to what the rest of the Build In Tulsa Accelerator has to offer as I continue my business coaching with Desiree and scale my company with the knowledge and skills I'm learning as an Entrepreneur in Residence.”
Event Attendee
Boris Moyston
"Being in WE Build provided me with foundational skills, resources, exposure, and access to scale my business beyond what I had imagined before this experience."

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Aug 1, 2024 5:30 PM
Female Founders Pitch Night August 2024

Female Founders take to the stage to pitch their ideas for a cash prize.

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Aug 1, 2024 5:30 PM
LIVESTREAM: Female Founders Pitch Night August 2024

Female Founders take to the stage to pitch their ideas for a cash prize.

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